Just to be completely clear on some facts not completely covered in the article. The lounge is only accessed by key card issued to a limited group of members (Full Metal Jacket Members). All food and beverage services will be charged to the member’s account allowing tracking of their beverage purchases. Once a beverage is purchased on the customer’s account, the account is flagged and they cannot be checked into the range that day. Full Metal Jacket Members who wish to have a drink after shooting have available to them Gun Valet Service. This service allows their firearms to be stored in the facility vault until a future visits. Additionally, the members with the required level of access to the lounge have member lockers available to them.

Georgia Law provides that persons with permits may carry firearms in restaurants and bars that serve alcohol; however, more stringent rules and measures are being implemented in the club. Service is not available to the general public or all club members, it is only available to a limited group of members. Members CANNOT drink and shoot, drink then shoot, or drink while in possession of a firearm. Members have strict contractual rules of their membership privileges that address facility conduct including drinking. The members lounge is not a bar and will not be used as one. This is a relaxing social atmosphere for members to enjoy food and limited drinks responsibly. Irresponsible and excessive drinking will not be tolerated by members, and will not be served by the staff. Members must be responsible firearm owners and responsible drinkers; otherwise they will not be patrons or members at the facility.

Most of the City Council Members and the Mayor are satisfied with guidelines and measures we are taking to insure a safe environment. Opposition was from council member Nancy Hudson who votes against ALL alcohol applications. Two citizens spoke in opposition to the application. One simply stated that “alcohol and firearms do not mix.” The second person to speak did not address the application, rather their interpretation and opinion of a specific council member’s comment.

We know that unfortunately not everyone who owns a firearm exercises the necessary responsibility, but most firearm owners accept the obligation and grave responsibility that goes along with gun ownership. We also know that alcohol can and is often abused by many; however, it is unfair for some to assume that everyone who drinks is incapable of exercising personal responsibility and restraint and would choose to make that decision for everyone.

Feel free to email me with any further questions. I will try to respond in a timely matter.