Open Archey League

Open Archey League


Open Vegas League

GGC Archery: Open Vegas League (for the public announcement)

League will start on the 17th and 19th of September at which time we will go over rules and answer any questions.  The league will run 10 weeks with a league tournament and banquet the week following the final night of scoring.

All shooters are welcome to warm up starting at 6pm with scoring starting at 7 on Thursday nights. Warm ups will start at 10am on Saturdays with scoring starting at 11am.

Targets for league scoring will be provided; however, shooters wishing to practice must purchase practice targets for 1.00.

This is a first come first serve league.  The first 20 who sign up online and pay their entry fee for the league will have their spot secured.  Must specify which day you want as your designated league scoring day.  Once one option has 10 shooters, you will have to shoot on the other available day.  This will be your league day for the season.   All others will be placed on a wait list until a spot becomes available.  If you try to pay for league via the link provided and cannot, then the league limit has been reached.  Email Coach Billy at to be placed on the wait list.

You will be placed on the wait list in the order the email is received.

40 dollars a person to buy into the league.  35 will go right into the pot (Non-refundable)

15 dollars a week league fees, with 5 dollars from each league fee going into the pot. (Non-refundable)

We will be shooting Vegas 3 Spot 40 cm face or you have the option of the 40cm single spot target face.

We will shoot 10 ends of 3 arrows for score for a total of 30 arrows each week.  We will swap half way through with AB lines moving down to CD and vice versa.

We will be running Vegas rules.  No lighted knocks and no Range finding sights will be permitted.   If you have any questions about the legality of equipment, please reach out to Coach Billy via email@

There will not be any separate classes for this league.  The league will be open.  We will take the first three weeks score, average them, and then dived the league up into two/three brackets depending on participation.  Each bracket will have a first, second, and third place winner.  (Must turn in all 10 weeks scores to be eligible for payout)

You must turn in 10 weeks of scores to be eligible to win.  All shooters will be allowed to make up missed days.  Make ups must be scheduled with Coach Billy to be accepted.  More details will be provided at the league meeting prior to the first day of scoring for Thursday night and Saturday morning.

We will have a league Tournament at the end of the season with a separate entry fee and payout with 100% payback for it.   You do not need to shoot the league tournament if you choose not to.  It will not be associated with your league scores or standings.  This will be a shoot up style event.  Each shooter will shoot 3 ends of 3 arrows.  Your score and X count will determine where you are in the shoot up.   You win you keep shooting, you lose and you watch!

We reserve the right to deny or remove shooters from the league.