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Handgun Fundamentals - Governors Gun Club

Handgun Fundamentals

Handgun Fundamentals


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      Here at Governors Gun Club, we want all our for our men and women to feel comfortable and in control while using their firearms for target practice or self-defense. This class will be taught by instructors with a solid background knowledge of firearms.  This will provide our students an in-depth view of learning basic firearm knowledge as well as safety, which we take very seriously.

      In this class, students will learn the 4 universal rules of firearm safety as well as the responsibilities of a firearm owner. Additional information will include the differences in semi-automatic handguns and revolvers, with the numerous options available.  This will support our first time students in narrowing down the choices they have while deciding the best firearm for them.   For our students that already own a firearm, they will come to understand what their current firearm offers them.  There will be a basic understand of ammunition, how a firearm functions, the numerous firearm / ammunition malfunctions as well as how to clear malfunctions.  

      There will be extensive knowledge provided in this course and on the range. Class size is limited to 7 students to ensure personalized attention as well as maintain safety.  Don’t miss out; classes fill up quickly!

      STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ARRIVE 15 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE CLASS START TIME.  Late attendees will be asked to reschedule the class at their expense.


      Josette Chmiel

      Josette, a native New Yorker, grew up in a very firearm friendly environment from a young age. As an adolescent, Josette grew up in an environment where firearm safety and education was encouraged.

      For 10+ years, she has been actively involved in our 2A rights.  As a former office manager, board member, Director of Development/ Event Planner and member of the Legislative Action team of Grass Roots NC, she has been working the front lines to vigorously defending our 2A rights.

      Josette continues to hone her own firearm skills with various trainers, training at every possible opportunity, while instructing those who are interested in self-empowerment thru self-protection. Josette is very passionate about women learning the necessary means to protect themselves and to become their first line of defense. From learning the importance of situational awareness, to choosing less lethal forms of protection and moving on into self defense firearm training, Josette embraces new shooters as they journey toward self- empowerment.  She also enjoys assisting those who are interested in stepping out into competitive shooting.

      Her current teaching certifications include NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Inside & Outside the Home Protection and Chief Range Safety Officer. She is also qualified to teach the NC Concealed Carry Class.



      Jordan Monroe

      Jordan Monroe is a 6 year Marine Corps Veteran. As an Infantryman he served one deployment to Afghanistan, one deployment to Japan and another deployment on ship. He enjoys shooting all types of guns including handguns and rifles. He is a 4 times rifle expert qualification in the USMC and 1 time sharpshooter in pistol qualification. He enjoys teaching handgun and rifle fundamentals to newer and less experienced shooters.




      Due to ammunition shortage all over the current market, we encourage you to bring your own ammunition to class to ensure participation in class.
      By registering for this class, you are acknowledging that you are at least 18 years old and not legally prohibited from operating, possessing, transferring, or owning a firearm in the State of Georgia, as regulated by federal, state, and local laws. False notification or misrepresentation to legally possess firearms in the State of Georgia will result in student’s immediate removal from class and forfeiture of all course fees. By registering for this class, you are also hereby expressly assuming the risk of taking part in the course for instruction in firearms, and taking part in the activities, which include, but are not limited to, instruction in the use of firearms, the discharge of firearms, and the firing of live ammunition.

      Cancellation and Refund Policy
      All sales are final and no refunds are offered for any cancellations or missed classes. However, if you cancel at least 48 hours before the class, your registration and course fee can be used for the same course within 60 days. Policy subject to change without notice.
      If a participant neglects to show and inform instructor, they are subject to no rescheduling period. Rescheduling period for customers will be 60 days from your original class date. If you do not reschedule your class within 2 months, you forfeit total class payment with no refund option.If you have any questions regarding this policy, contact us by clicking here.

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