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Firearm Restoration

Have that old gun looking good as new

Do you have a firearm that has had some type of damage happen to it? Perhaps you have inherited a firearm that you would like to see restored back to its original glory! Our Gunsmiths specialize in Firearm Restoration, and get get that old gun looking good as new!

We offer many possibilities for restorations and upgraded restorations! Stop in or call our Gunsmiths to see what they can do to bring your firearm back to life.

Our shop offers several professional wood finishes from our hand rubbed oil to high gloss lacquer finishes. The following prices include stripping of standard finishes, sanding, removal of small dents and nicks, and resealing checkering.

Firearm Restoration Services
*Prices may vary based on job

Hand Rubbed Oil Finish
With Grain Completely Filled In
Sprayed On Lacquer
Leaving Grain Open
Sprayed On Lacquer
Filling Grain In
Sprayed On Lacquer (Weatherby style)
Completely Closed Grain 
Metal Work
Heavy Rust Removal & Polish$80/hr
Additional Charges – $40

*Assessed at a rate of $80 per Hour

Oil Soaked Stocks •  Large Dent Removal • Crack Repair
Stripping Epoxy Finish • Staining (If Needed)

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