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Get the one-on-one attention you need! Reach out to us set up a time for private instruction with our knowledge based, industry leading Instructors! Whether you are just getting started or would like to fine tune your skills, we are sure that we can expand your knowledge of firearms and marksmanship.

Our instructors can provide basic instruction in the safe handling and use of firearms to entry level marksmanship skills needed to progress to our more advance instruction. Intermediate to advance handgun and rifle techniques for protection along with rifle sighting for the big hunt coming up to long distance sport shooting. Individual archery instruction to ensure you will be ready for hunting season or progress to archery competition. Governors Gun Club can be your one stop location for all your training needs. Instructors and Bookings

Due to ammunition shortage all over the current market, we encourage you to bring your own ammunition to class to ensure participation in class. We recommend you take a class before seeking personal instruction with our team. 

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