America’s Gun City Now Has America’s Premier Indoor Shooting Facility

New state-of-the-art 7.5 acre/85,700 sf convention and shooting facility in Kennesaw

We are excited to announce that not only will Governors Gun Club will be expanding, but we will be bigger than ever! Coming soon we will open the country’s premier indoor recreational shooting facility with the only indoor trap & skeet range in America!

1005 Cobb Place Blvd. Kennesaw, GA 30144 • (770)651-0495

Kennesaw Soft Opening

Get a first-hand look at our beautiful new location while we continue our progress on the largest indoor shooting facility in the nation – remember, our doors are open in Kennesaw to the public for our soft opening!

Come check out our wide selection of firearms and accessories before you hit our indoor pistol ranges, virtual archery simulator, or indoor archery range! We are still working hard on our indoor sporting clay range as well as 100 yard indoor rifle range, but we hope to announce the opening dates for those soon!

We would like to ask again to please bear with us as we continue to make adjustments, bring in new inventory and train our team members. We greatly appreciate your patience as well as your feedback as we work to provide the best experience possible.
We hope you come see us, have a great time on the range and consider joining the GGC family!



• 35,000 sf Indoor Sporting Clay Facility With Trap, Skeet and 5 Stand

• 32 Indoor Pistol & Rifle Lanes

• Three 100 Yard Indoor High Power Rifle Lanes with Self Healing Lomah Target System 

• Large, High-End Retail Showroom

• Situational Firearms Safety Training Simulator

• 30 Yard/2,900 sf Indoor Archery Field

• 20 Yard Virtual Archery Simulator

• 50 Yard Outdoor Archery Field

• 6,000 sf Main Dining Area For Conventions & Private Events

• Members Lounge With 2 Full-Service Bars and Pool Tables

• Member Lockers and Wine Storage Available

• 1,400 sf Exclusive Rooftop Patio

• Gunsmith, Bowtech & Machine Shop Services

• 700 sf Educational Classroom

• Executive Conference Room Accommodating Up To 20 Guests


All membership payment is held in escrow until opening of Kennesaw Location. Memberships will not activate until opening of Kennesaw Location.

Kennesaw Construction Timeline


Today we are going through some of our final inspections! Not only that, but our virtual archery simulator is now officially up and running!

We are also busy accenting our beautiful light fixtures in our member’s event space, installing wine and beer taps for the bar in our lounge, putting up ballistic fabric in our indoor trap & skeet range, as well as setting up showcases for our retail sales floor!


The range equipment from Action Target in our pistol and rifle lanes are fully operational! Not only that but we have our kitchen equipment ready to go for our private lounge, including three Big Green Eggs inside!

We are also installing beautiful new light fixtures both in our retail showroom and in our restaurant, hanging ballistic fabric in our indoor trap & skeet range, and putting up firearm cases for our retail sales floor!


Now that we have the flooring finished throughout our Member’s Lounge, we will begin moving in kitchen equipment and furniture soon! We are also preparing our merchandising fixtures, installing TVs in our retail sales floor, and setting up equipment in our pistol and rifle lanes.


As of today we are working to install kitchen equipment in our members lounge so we can begin flooring next week, getting cabinets ready for our rental counters, gunsmith shop, and bow tech, and getting more finishing touches together.


The construction crews here have been hard at work, we are preparing the equipment installation of our indoor pistol and rifle ranges!


As of today we are finishing up with drywall and just had the permanent power to the building go hot. Starting with tile and flooring next week as we finish with exterior cladding.


We now have the clay throwers installed for the first indoor trap & skeet range in the country as well as other equipment for our indoor pistol and rifle ranges!


By the end of the weekend we hope to have all of the roofing completed, as well as getting fire prevention systems in place and start getting equipment ready for all 32 pistol and rifle lanes! Walls are also coming up for what will be our private members lounge and convention area!


Right now we are going steady on the roof over our indoor trap and skeet range, as well as getting roofing up over the rest of our lounge and lobby! By this time next week our building should be completely enclosed!


Pictures really don’t do any justice to how big our new location in Kennesaw is going to be! As of today we are finishing up on our private member’s ranges upstairs, as well as getting the floors ready four the private patio and starting to put up the steel structure that will be our show room!




Right now the roof is being assembled over our indoor trap and skeet range, and we are getting the pistol and rifle ranges on the first floor set up!


Not only are we are currently working on the elevator shaft to our 100 yard indoor rifle range and upstairs to our private members lounge, we are now laying exterior bricks and getting ready for 32 indoor pistol and rifle lanes!



The walls of our indoor trap and skeet range are now coming up! Pictures and video do not do justice to how massive this building will be!


Getting all the rebar in place so we can start pouring the walls and building vertically! Things are going to start happening very quickly!



Right now we are preparing the forms to pour the tilt wall for our indoor trap and skeet range, in addition to putting up the back end of the public ranges that will be downstairs!

We hope to be open very soon, pre-order your membership today!


Building materials are being dropped off today! Now stay away, rain! Things are coming together quickly! Who’s ready for indoor trap & skeet?



FINALLY! Last slab poured this morning at the Kennesaw location! Going vertical real soon!


Making a lot of progress on in Kennesaw! Right now we have the 100 yard shooting tubes and international trap bunker going in. Then we will be finishing with the third basement level and we start going vertical – 5 stories tall!




Basements leading to our 100 yard indoor rifle range are in! If we can get a break from the rain in the next few days we hope to get moving again!


Huge progress! The parking lot is being paved and basement foundations are being poured!




Things are starting to come together! Now that the curb and gutters are in we can now begin to pour the slab!


The Sign is up!

We have cleared out the lot for Kennesaw, and boy is this going to be big! We will be located at 1005 Cobb Place Blvd. in Kennesaw Georgia. Now that we have cleared the way construction should begin soon!



The time has come for Governors Gun Club to grow together with our members and customers in order to provide an unparalleled way to enjoy all of your shooting and archery passions. We are overjoyed to finally announce that we will be closing on the property for our upcoming Kennesaw location on Monday, August 8th! That same week our General Contractor will mobilize the grading contractor to commence with utility, infrastructure, and grading work.  As quickly as they have an area cleared for members and customers to assemble, we will schedule a Saturday to celebrate with everyone the official groundbreaking.With this announcement we would like to remind our patrons of the exclusive opportunities provided with a High Brass Membership, now available for pre-order. Not only does this membership provide access to our executive lounge & bar, but also to a truly unique indoor trap and skeet range unlike anything seen in the nation.We trust that together, through this growth, we will continue to improve the overall one-of-a-kind indoor shooting and membership experience available only from Governors Gun Club.