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Susan Talley is an NRA Certified Instructor, Range Safety Officer, Defensive Pistol Instructor, Civilian Marksmanship Master Instructor with rifle that specializes in Garand, Springfield and Military Vintage Bolt rifles. She has been a coach for M1 for Vets as well as s coach, instructor and Range Safety Officer with youth at Riverbend Gun Club’s Young Shooters Challenge while running the .22 Rifle Prone Position for over 13 years.  Susan has been a competitive shooter for over 15 years having had the opportunity to shoot and train with some of the country’s top shooters and coaches, including the US Army Marksmanship Unit, qualifying Expert at the Units Small Arms Firing School and holds an Expert rating with the NRA for High Power Rifle. She has won numerous Gold, Silver, and Bronze metals as well as First and Second Places and many High Women awards locally and at the national matches.  As a member of the Georgia Blind Hogs/GCA Blind Hogs Shooting Team, Susan holds 4 National Match Winner’s Plaques for the high M1 Garand Award during the National Team Infantry Trophy Match during the National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio.  In 2011, while winning their 4thWinner’s Plaque, the team set a new national record that is still held by the Georgia Blind Hogs/GCA Blind Hogs today.



Jack began competitive shooting in 2004 after discovering the Civilian Marksmanship Program and local matches for the M1 Rifle.  Jack’s wife, Sue, and Jack began competing in the National matches in Camp Perry, Ohio, in 2005.  Since both are WWII history nuts (both their fathers served) they always wanted an M1. Shooting the M1 Garand became passion for the Talley’s.  Highlights of Jack’s shooting achievements are:

  • Winner of 5 National Match Winner’s Plaques as a shooting member for the high M1 Garand Award during the National Team Infantry Trophy Match, CMP week, Camp Perry, Ohio. Set a national record of 751 (GCA Blind Hogs) in 2011 that still stands.
  • Garand-Springfield-Military Vintage Bolt- Master Instructor (Civilian Marksmanship Program)-2007. Jack has earned numerous Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the local and national matches.
  • Volunteer Coach, M1 for Vets Rifle Team – 2007 to 2015.
  • NRA Expert, National Match Course and NRA Sharp Shooter, Mid-Range (600 yards), both with the AR-15 National Match Service Rifle.
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer. Instructor in Basic Pistol /Basic Rifle/Personal Protection Inside the Home.
  • Completed the 2-day MAG 20 personal protection pistol course.

In addition, Jack as observed and was instructed by Hook Boutin (AMU Hall of Fame gunsmith and shooter) several days through the last 10 years in reloading and accurazation/maintenance of the M1 and M1A rifles.