Mike Watkins

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Private Instruction - Governors Gun Club

Michael P. Watkins

Mike Watkins brings to Governors Gun Club Training division a highly qualified instructor with a wealth of operational and instructional experience. Introduction to AR Operations, Holster Draw & Rapid Fire, Intermediate Handgun and Intermediate AR Operations are a few of the courses he developed and train.

Mike’s Law Enforcement career spans the past 26 years with 16 years on SWAT in upstate New York.  After retiring in 2016, Mike moved to Georgia and is now working part-time as an Investigator for an agency in Cobb County.   Over Mikes enforcement careers he held assignments as Patrol Officer, K9 Handler, Sergeant, Narcotics Investigator, Lieutenant, SWAT Commander and Chief of Police.  He holds numerous Instructor certifications to include: Firearms, Defensive Tactic’s, Combat First Aid, Reality Based training, and was the Lead instructor for multiple SWAT Operator and Firearms Instructor courses.   Mike is also the Chairman of the Board for the New York Tactical Officers Association, where he instructs Operational Planning, Team Leader Development, Warrant Service and Advanced Weapon Operations.

Training with a concept & principle-based methodology is the foundation of all Mikes courses.  If you are open to new ideas and enhancing your skill sets come train with Mike.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often” -Winston Churchill