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Pistol Gunsmithing Services

Get the most out of your handgun

Wether your pistol is having issues or you are looking to upgrade it to its peak performance, our team of talented Gunsmiths have what it takes to get the job done. From the basic every day carry to the ultimate competition ready precision handgun, we can get you set up!

Looking to take your handgun to the next level? Check out our customization services today!

Pistol Services
*Prices may vary based on job.

Semi-Automatic Action Job
Clean, Smooth, and Polish. Not Including Parts
Revolver Action Job
Clean, Smooth, and Polish. Not Including Parts
Recrown for Accuracy$60 – $80
Drill and Tap for Optic Mounts$80 – $140
Rebarrel Most Revolvers
Remove Old Barrel and Install New. Barrel Not Included
Set Back Revolver Barrels
Barrel Removal, Setting Back a Turn, Timing Shorten Barrel Shank, Set Barrel Cylinder Gap, Recutting Throat, Re-Installing Barrel
Install Front Sight (Revolver)$60
Remove or Modify Hammer Spur$80
Install Sights on Semi-Automatic
No Milling Required. Sights Not Included

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