General Gunsmith Services

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General Gunsmith Services

Have your firearm performing at its absolute best

Is your firearm getting a little sluggish, or not performing at its optimal standard? Looking to have your optic zeroed in? Have a gunsmith at Governors Gun Club take a look! Be it for plinking, hunting, or competition, let us help get you on target. From precision millwork and complete customizations, to upgrading your sights and basic maintenance, you can trust our team of seasoned and knowledgeable gunsmiths to professionally tune your firearm. Let us be your one stop shop!

This is a break down of general maintenance of all firearms, for your general cleaning sight install and scope mounting, bore sighting, and appraisals.

General Gunsmith Services
*Prices may vary based on job

Minimum Shop Charge$20 to $45
Clean & Check Firearm
*Additional Charge for Rust removal and Excessively Dirty Guns 
Quick Clean
Field Strip Firearm, Clean, Oil, and Assemble
Complete DCOA
Disassemble, Clean, Oil, and Assemble
Optic Services
Bore Sighting$20 to $30
Scope Mounting & Bore Sighting$55
Scope Mounting, Bore Sighting, & Lapping Rings$75

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