TechnoHunt League 2020

TechnoHunt League 2020

4th October 2020 all-day
Governors Gun Club Kennesaw
1005 Cobb Place blvd NW Kennesaw Ga 30144
$150 Team/ $75 Individual

TechnoHunt League

Techno Hunt League:  Starting week of the 4th of October.

League meeting will be at 1230 on the 3rd of October as well as bow inspections. 

-Price: 150 per team, 75 a person.  Must be paid in full prior to the start of the league and the league will run for 10-12 weeks depending on participation.

*Teams can shoot ahead weeks; however, there will be no make-up weeks.  A missed week will result in a ZERO score for the team.

*There will be NO refunds!

-This is a win/loss league and there will be NO handicaps.

-All shots will be taken @ 20 yards. Shooters must be able to shoot 20 yards and there will be NO sky drawing!  Sky drawing can result in a fine and removal from the league.

*One week will be out of a ground blind.  Shooters can provide their own shooting stools.  If not, a standard chair will be provided.

-Teams can shoot there weekly score any day/night of the week during normal business hours.  Teams must have both members of the team present to shoot.

-League weeks will run from Sunday (the start of the week) to Saturday.

-Every Shooter must have their own approved equipment.  (Cannot shoot until approved)

*All set ups must be bow hunting style set ups and will be approved by Coach Billy prior to league start.  (Bring to league meeting)

*Shooters must have 5 arrows with screw in points.  Blunt points will be provided for shooting.

*NO field points or Broad heads allowed!!!

-Once league has begun, all league shooters will be able to use the TechnoHunt for practice at a discounted rate for the duration of the season.

*Shooters will not be able to practice on any of the weekly scenarios.  Only open standard game play for practice.

Teams can reserve the techno hunt during league season for scoring only.  Not for practice.

*arrive 15 minutes prior to your reserved time.