Handgun Cleaning

Handgun Cleaning

11th February 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Governors Gun Club Kennesaw
1005 Cobb Place blvd Kennesaw GA 30144
$75 (25% off for members using the code 'MEMBER25' at checkout!)
Josette Chimel
770-651-0495 EXT 3050



PURPOSE:  To learn how to safely & properly field strip (disassemble), clean and reassemble your pistol.

CLASS SIZE:  This class will be limited to 6 students in order to ensure personalized attention as well as maintaining safety.

MATERIALS PROVIDED:  Students will be provided a cleaning mat, cleaning swabs as well as a take home basic cleaning kit.


In this hands-on class, students will learn the following:

  • Field Stripping of firearm
  • Terminology of the 4 basic parts of their pistol
  • Familiarity & purpose of cleaning solvents & lubrications
  • List of additional items needed in the correct cleaning of a gun
  • Application of solvents & lubrications
  • Proper reassembly of gun
  • Safe function testing of firearm
  • Test fire of handgun



  • One pistol, unloaded & cased
  • Your gun’s owner’s manual (this is mandatory!)
  • Safety glasses
  • Latex gloves (if you chose)
  • A toothbrush (can be used as long as it’s clean!)
  • An old (but clean) cloth or rag
  • 10-20 rounds of live ammo



Josette Chmiel

Josette, a native New Yorker, grew up in a very firearm friendly environment from a young age. As an adolescent, Josette grew up in an environment where firearm safety and education was encouraged.

For 10 years, she has been actively involved in our 2A rights.  As a volunteer and current board member of Grass Roots NC, she works the front lines defending our 2A rights.

Josette continues to hone her own firearm skills with various trainers and strong focus on training women in self-empowerment thru self-protection. She has been teaching and writing her own successful curriculum for the past 6 years, including her newly launched 4-part Empowering Women Series.  Josette is very passionate about her students learning the necessary means to protect themselves, covering grounds from less lethal forms of self-defense to embracing new shooters and assisting those interested in stepping out into competitions.

Her current teaching certifications include NRA Basic Pistol, NRA Inside & Outside the Home Protection, Chief Range Safety Officer. She is also qualified to teach the NC Concealed Carry Class.

Jordan Monroe

Jordan Monroe is a 6 year Marine Corps Veteran. As an Infantryman he served one deployment to Afghanistan, one deployment to Japan and another deployment on ship. He enjoys shooting all types of guns including handguns and rifles. He is a 4 times rifle expert qualification in the USMC and 1 time sharpshooter in pistol qualification. He enjoys teaching handgun and rifle fundamentals to newer and less experienced shooters.