5 Spot Archery Shoot

5 Spot Archery Shoot

16th November 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Governors Gun
5740 C.H. James Parkway Powder Springs
GA 30127

5 Spot Archery Shoot

20 dollar buy in.

50% payback to the winners.

There will be two classes, Male compound and Female Compound.

There will be awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

  Payouts will be one place for every three shooters in the class, and a maximum of three places per class.  Winners will also get a certificate for either a free appetizer or desert redeemable at the Copper Jacket Lounge located in the upstairs member’s area of the club.

Be present at 2 o’clock where we will go over rules and answer any questions at that time.  Then we will go into target assignments and two ends of official practice.

Any questions, please direct them to Coach Billy at wwhite@governorsgunclub.com


Five-spot target face

Archers can choose to use a five-spot target face.

Each of the five spots has an eight-centimeter five-ring, colored white, and a four-centimeter diameter X-ring in the middle.

Each spot also has two blue rings, both four centimeters wide and both scoring four points.

Archers can shoot at the five spots in any order each end and shoot as many arrows into any spot as they want – as long as they don’t shoot more than five arrows each end.

In both faces, Xs are always counted and used as tiebreakers. Arrows only need to touch the line to be given the higher value.

Single-spot target face

The standard single-spot target face measures 40 centimeters in diameter.

It has an eight-centimeter white five-ring – with a four-centimeter diameter X-ring in the very middle – and blue rings scoring four, three, two and one points.

Archers shoot the NFAA 300 Indoor Round at a blue and white target face.

It’s archer’s choice between a single- or five-spot, but everyone shoots 60 arrows – 12 ends of five – for a maximum of 300 points per round. Targets will be set at 18 meters for this event.

Each shooting line has two ends of practice before scoring begins; halfway through the round, archers switch their targets from top to bottom, or vice versa, on the target butt.

Ties for first, second and third place are determined by shoot off immediately after the last shooting line.

The shoot-off starts with one practice end, followed by one end where only the X-ring sores five points – and then sudden-death scoring where only inside-out shafts in the X-ring score five until a winner is decided.