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Governors Gun Club Education Program

Governors Gun Club is proud to announce a new classification for all courses of instruction. This comprehensive new education program is designed to assist in training development for individuals as well as organizations. 

Throughout this program students will be instructed from the basics through high-stress, expert level courses.

There will be different training paths for pistol shooter and rifle shooters, with a tactical shotgun path coming soon.

Level 1 – Fundamentals Courses

Fundamentals Courses Include:

These courses are the fundamentals of firearm safety and handling. These course must be completed prior to moving onto skill development courses.

Level 2 – Intermediate Level-Based Training:

Requirements for Enrollment: Graduate of Fundamental Courses within their chosen platform platform

The Intermediate Level is the second-level for all courses of instruction and requires basic firearms safety and handling. Intermediate level courses continue to build on the fundamental shooting skills while progressing in shot speed and accuracy.

Core Abilities of a Intermediate Skilled Shooter:
  1. Understands and is knowledgeable in range safety.
  2. Demonstrates how to safely clear a firearm.
  3. Demonstrates proper loading and unloading procedures.
  4. Has developed proper shooting stance, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and is proficient in hitting a target while stationary.
Intermediate Level Courses Include:

New in October –  Handgun Intermediate Skills 

This course is designed to take our students level of training to the next level. Training skills are personalized per students threshold of understanding  fundamentals course drills. In this class students will gather valuable knowledge of after market triggers, sights, lasers and grips. Holster and magazine fitting knowledge will be given to ensure all students find a holster which fits them best. An introduction of holster draw & advanced training skills is included in this courses curriculum. 


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Handgun Intermediate Skills

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Level 3 – Advanced Level-Based Training:

Requirements for Enrollment – Graduate of Intermedia Skilled Shooter Track


The Advanced Level is the skill builder level for all courses of instruction and requires the completion of all core safety and Intermediate Level-Based Training courses.

During the Advanced Level Bases training, shooters will build muscle memory through extensive repetition based shooting drills.

Core Abilities of a Advanced Skilled Shooter:
  1. Understands and is knowledgeable in range safety operations.
  2. Has mastered proper shooting stance, sight alignment, trigger squeeze, and is striking the target in designated areas while in a stationary position 100 percent of the time.
  3. Has increased speed through rapid-fire, shooting drills in motion, target acquisition and distinction, and proper use of cover and concealment while engaging a target.

Advanced Level Courses Include:

  • Handgun Advanced
  •  Women’s Advanced
  • Skills & Drills Advanced