Archery Tech Services

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Have an Archery Tech Service Your Bow Today

With combined over 35 years of experience in the archery industry, our Archery Technicians can service your equipment and have you ready for hunting or competition season. Don’t miss your target when it matters, have us take a look before you head out or hit our indoor archery range!

Archery Tech Services

Basic Bow Setup$20
Separate Installations
String Set$20
Knocking Point$5
Kisser Button$5
Peep Sight$5
Rest (Fixed)$5
Rest (Drop Away)$10
Arrow Services
Cut Arrow (Per Arrow)$1
Install Fletching (Per Arrow)$3
Tune Options
Basic Setup$25
Paper Tune$20
Modified French Tune$15
Draw Module Adjustments (New Cam)$50
Draw Length Adjustments (Adjustable)$10
Cam Timing$15
Adjust/Set Center Shot$5
Initial Bow Setup with New Bow PurchaseFREE