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Bow & Archery Tech Services - Governors Gun Club Archery

Archery Tech Services

The Nation's Premier Indoor Shooting Facility

Don’t Miss Your Mark

Have an Archery Tech Service Your Bow Today

With combined over 35 years of experience in the archery industry, our Archery Technicians can service your equipment and have you ready for hunting or competition season. Don’t miss your target when it matters, have us take a look before you head out or hit our indoor archery range!

Bow Set Up75
Free initial set up when purchased with us.
Full String set installation30Install only
Install Main string only10
Install cables20
Install Peep5
Install D-Loop5
Install standart rest (like a whisker biscut)10
Install drop away rest20Install and time
Sight install5Mount sight only
Install sight/adjust axis'35
String Silencers install5
Install kisser button5
Install knock points5
Install nose button5
Draw length adjustment5
Draw weight adjustment5
Paper tuning25Starting rate
Rates may very depending on work needed after paper tune
Labor is minumun of 15 per hour needed.
Warranty repair labor30
Arrow Cutting services
Cut and istall inserts/glue in points1Per arrow
Fletching arrows
3 fletch1.5Per arrow
4 fletch1.75Per arrow
Install wraps1Per arrow
Bow inspections (including crossbow)10Per bow
Help sighting in bow15For 20 yards
CrossBow Services
Set up and sight in (to 20 yards)75
String install10String only
Cables installed20
Scope install15Mount only
Scope install and sight in to 20 yards25
BareBow set up and tune45
Olympic Recurve set up and tune50
Install rest5
Install and set plunger for cetnershot and pressure15
Install kisser button
String Silener Install5
Tie knock point5
Adjust tiller10
Set brace height5
Realign limbs (ILF only)15
Install and Set Cliker10
Install V-Bar for stabilizers10
Install sight5
Adjust sight axis'15
Bareshaft tune and set up with archery40