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The Governor’s Gun Club Vegas Indoor Archery League will consist of a maximum of 20 shooters and will take place every Thursday night. First night of league will begin Thursday, January 17th at 7pm for our Vegas League (18 Meters) and our Youth League Saturday, January 19th at 12pm. The end of the league will be followed up with an awards banquet The following Thursday night. (May 9, 2018)

The Vegas Round uses a three-spot target shot at a range of 20 yards (18 meters) or single spot (40cm) target face our indoor archery range. Each league night, archers shoot a Vegas Round, which consists of 30 arrows shot in 10 ends, 3 arrows per end. Each end, archers must shoot three arrows within 2-1/2 minutes.

  • The target face used will be a 3-Spot NFAA approved “Vegas” faced target with scoring ring/score of:
  • Blue: 6 points,
  • Red: 5/4 points
  • Yellow: 9/10 Points.
  • The Singe Spot Target face will consist of the following ring/score of:
  • White rings: 1,2 points
  • Black: 3,4 points
  • Blue: 5,6 points
  • Red: 7,8 points
  • Yellow: 9,10 points

The x ring will counts as a 10 for normal scoring rounds; however, will be marked as an “X” on the score card to determine any tie breaks.

League will consist of a maximum of 20 shooters which equates to 4 shooters per bale. (Shooter: A, B, C, D)


Equipment: All shooters may use any equipment which can be used in the NFAA rule book. This includes, max arrow size of 27, light kits for sights, fixed pin or moveable sights…

Equipment which cannot be used: Any bows over 70 lbs in draw weight, lighted knocks, range finding sights.

There will be two iterations per end.

The first iteration will be shooters A, B. Shooters C, D will shoot second. This rotation will alternate every end. Example, on the second end of shooting,

Shooters C, D will go first followed by Shooters A, B.

Classes: Compound and Recurve


Fees will be due weekly.

There are sixteen weeks in the season (4 Months). League dues will be collected weekly. In order to be in the running for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place for the season, the shooter must attend 75% of the league nights. (A shooter can miss 4 nights and still be eligible) There will be no makeup sessions. Dues will be owed weekly and is a set amount of $10 per shooter per week. Each shooter will be allotted two make up days which will be worked out with Billy.  Any shooter who shoots in one of the money shoots may use that score as a make up score and make up score only.

Want to register now or have any questions? Contact Billy White at!